Chefs Jaclyn Perez and Betsy McDonald


Chef Jaclyn Perez and Betsy McDonald come together to present Bend, Oregon with a unique dining experience.

Jaclyn and Betsy met while working on MegaYachts cruising around the world and providing exceptional dining experiences for their clients.

The cuisine was completely driven by what was fresh, local and available. Guests were always treated to the specialties of the port of call each day. In this way, Jaclyn and Betsy developed their “Style” of clean, fresh international fare prepared with lots of love!

Now the Chefs are home in Bend….get ready to be loved by two chefs with a passion for cooking, a strong affinity for vibrant world flavors and a desire to serve great food to the people of Bend!



Over the last thirty years, Mac & Betsy rode the high seas cruising with various international clients to ports around the world. The vessels they ran ranged in size from 93' (Robyn Lee) to 205' (Lady Lola). International crews were from 4 to 16 depending on the size of the vessel. They transited the Atlantic 8 times, visited all 5 of the Great Lakes and passed through the Panama Canal 6 times. Favorite ports included Barcelona, Cannes, the Amalfi coast, Istanbul, Santorini, Victoria BC, La Paz, and NYC. During their last tenure aboard Lady Lola, they were joined by Chef Jackie and while cooking aboard that vessel, they all agreed that "apres-yachting," there would be a business established that would incorporate all of the foods and ambiance they experienced during all the travels. The Lemon Tree was developed in Tuscany during the summer of 2017 and began in earnest in Bend in February 2018. They opened the doors in May of the same year and are charging ahead with amazing flavors from around the world, locally sourced.